Label or a Table

To the right I’m far too cavalier in my thinking
I’m too concerned with loving the other
With seeing my brother in the eyes of a stranger
With not seeing the danger in dining with the enemy
But if he is no longer my foe but a man like me
If we drop the labels for a second to feast on wine and bread
Am I really that crazy? Have I lost my my head?
Is it really so heretical or is it more like the story’s end?
To destroy my enemy by being his friend
To mend what was once frayed and torn by an “us versus them”

Nonetheless, I confess I’m not too welcome with the people on my left
I’m too grounded in the past, with what I think should last
Like an ancient script that tastes sweet to my lips
Not just some words on a page written by another white-bearded sage
Not just an escape from this dying dirt or corruptible flesh
But a mysterious faith that’s like taking your first breath, again
It’s not a formula you can solve or a system you can manage
It’s not a political platform for the powerful to take advantage
Not for merciless iron fists lording it over the meek
But for merciful hands reaching out to the weak

So don’t try to force my peace to your puzzle
Don’t negate me with labels that turn into a muzzle
You can’t silence this kingdom, it’s already too quiet
We just bake and break bread
We just sow some seed
We’ve no thirst for revenge, we would rather bleed
Because this table is not closed off to some
But open to all who would simply come


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