What have I learned in two decades?

That’s the question. Tonight I just turned in the last assignment of the last day of my last class of my master’s degree. I’m done. Like super done. I’ve been a student for about 22 years at 9 different schools in 4 different states, and I’m ready to move on. Don’t get me wrong; I actually enjoy learning, discussing, reading and writing. But (that’s right, I began a sentence with a conjunction), I’m done with:
…having to appease professors’ opinions.
…all-nighters and cramming.
…regurgitating information back to the person in charge.
…learning a new essay format every time Turabian comes out with a new edition.
…buying and reading books that I will honestly never pick up again.

Was it worth it? Time will tell, I’m sure. The good news is that I’m not in any debt, and after a lot of trial-and-error, I finally found a degree plan that I was actually interested in and would train me for my future in ministry.

Do I have any regrets? Yes and no. In a sense, I regret not figuring things out sooner. That is, figuring out which schools and classes and assignments would be most beneficial and which ones would be a waste of time. At the same time, I know that I wouldn’t be where I’m at or who I am today if I hadn’t made the decisions I did.

Am I going to get a doctorate? Initially I thought so, but now I’m not so sure. I’m certainly not opposed to the idea, especially if I want to teach at a college/university/seminary some day. But, right now I feel so lade with information and taxed from tedious tasks that I’m ready to put it into practice, to teach what I’ve learned, to write what I’m passionate about (and finish sentences with prepositions), read books that I want to read, and so much more.

What have I learned in two decades? That I have much to be grateful for. For the multitude of opportunities. For loving and generous parents. For a patient sister (who proofread so many papers). For a church that continually supported me. For reasons that I’m not even aware of at this moment.

The truth is: I may no longer be a student enrolled in a school earning grades, but I will never stop learning and reading and progressing and growing.


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