I can’t see where it’s coming from
I’m not sure where it’s going
What’s more, I can’t even see it
Invisible to my eye

Yet, I know it’s there
I can feel it
The flow
Pushing and pulling me
Carrying me every which way
To and fro
Back and forth

I don’t have much control, do I?
So, I lean
With it, I mean
Not bracing myself
Not fighting against its current
I just sway to its way

Still, I’m here
I haven’t truly left, have I?
I’m not uprooted
I’m not unplanted
I’m here, like I’ve always been

If I were watching from the outside
I might say, “My, my! Look at him dance!”
After all, I am grooving a bit, aren’t I?
Oh! And look below
See all the shifting shadows at play
How the light is joining in the jig

It’s true, many leaves have left
They’ve flown the coop
And found rest on the earth beneath
But more will grow back
They always do
That’s how it goes
Grow back

I guess there’s nothing to fret about, is there?
There’s no enemy here
Tis but the wind


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