Gospel Lectionary Reading: Luke 19:1-10

Jesus entered Jericho and made his way through the town…

He’s really in town? Dare I believe it? Dare I not? I simply can’t throw away even the slightest chance of catching a glimpse of him with my own eyes. I’ve heard such wild tales about inexplicable healings, endless wine, copious meals, wisdom beyond Solomon…forgiveness of sins. It’s decided, then. I must see him.

Oh no! Am I too late? There’s already a sea of people, nay a human barricade! I’ll never be able to see over this confounded crowd. If only there was a box or a balcony or…a TREE!!! A sycamore tree, no less. Shouldn’t be any trouble; I was something of a master-climber back in my youth. Here we go…

Finally! Now, I can see…well, everything. Surely I’ll be able to spot him when he…

It’s him. It must be. I can’t believe it. I’m finally looking at him.

Wait. Is he…is he looking at…me?

Did he just call my name?

He’s coming to my house?

I gotta get out this tree.

Behold God beholding you and smiling.
-Anthony De Mello-


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