Think Again (the Ascension)

He wasn’t running away, y’all
What is their to escape
Once death has dropped the ball?
When those in the grave
Are granted an eternal wake-up call?
After all, creation’s fall did not change the fact
That God made it all and called it all good
Well, you may be thinking:
“I wish Jesus was here.
Right here in the flesh.
Then we could be talking
And things would be different.”
That’s all fine and dandy
To ponder and daydream
But it ain’t reality
And it’s the wrong mentality
Think again

He wouldn’t understand
Anything you say and neither you him
Jesus was the Jewish Messiah
Not a middle-class American
He prolly spoke Hebrew, Aramaic
And perhaps Latin
But speakin’, tweetin’, textin’ emojis
And modern-day English
Is an erroneous assumption
A fire to be extinguished
No, my friends
Think again

This flying photo-finish
Has been much too blurred
There’s a far better ending
In this story to be heard
Because it doesn’t end here
With anxiety and fear
Like we’ve been forgotten
Or left on our own
To sort through this mess
Of a world we call home
Think again

Hear his words from way back when
“You will never be alone.
You are my own not forsaken.”
So, let’s rewind the tape
And watch it all over again
He wasn’t flying the coop
Or packing his things
He was stepping up
To the highest throne
As King of all kings
Over all and everything
All you see and cannot see
The cosmic Christ ever expanding
His universal presence
Now pervading and permeating
His rule far above
Principalities and powers
Caesars and czars
O’er pundits and presidents
Both near and far

Christ is all
And in all
And with all
And for all

Maybe heaven is not as far as it seems
As close as breath that we don’t see
Because you see
The message has always stayed the same
Angelic messengers still proclaim
“Fear not!” O mortals
Who grapple with time
Ever looking forward to sweet by and by
Waiting for their hour
To dominate with power
Calling down fire from the heavens above
Without any regard for neighborly love
But the reign of God
Rains down with mercy
Food for the hungry
And drink for the thirsty

Thus, if you desire the return of the King
Make a sharp u-turn
Repentant rethinking
The King comes back
More oft than you know
When seeds of peace by saints are sown
When fences fall once splitting skin tone
When the homeless and helpless are given a home
His kingdom has come
When the invisible are seen
When slaves have been freed
When widows and orphans find a new family
His kingdom has come
When the imprisoned are released
When oppression has ceased
When wanderers are welcomed by community
His kingdom has come
His will has been done
On earth
As it is in heaven
Think again


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