Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is more important than a balanced meal.

If a child is being fed meat, eggs and cheese for breakfast and dinner, wouldn’t it be wise to feed the child a good helping of veggies or fruit at lunch to balance out her diet? Though 3 balanced meals might be preferable, if one only has the opportunity to personally feed the child one time a day (or once a week), then wouldn’t it be more prudent to try balancing the scales of her diet by filling in the empty gaps of food groups rather than filling in all food groups, even if some are already overflowing?

Is not the same logic applicable to formative discipleship and liturgical worship? If a teenage girl is “feeding” on visual media all week (e.g. Netflix, commercials, YouTube, etc.) wouldn’t it be wise to balance her diet with auditory and/or kinesthetic practices or perhaps an invitation to simply rest her eyes? If a middle-aged man is “consuming” anxiety and fear-based sound bites during his daily work-commute, mightn’t it be helpful for him to ingest large quantities of encouragement (or “good news”) in a safe and welcoming environment?

Shepherds in the church would do well to be attentive to the diet of the flock.


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